Jul 2015

Winter's Light

It has certainly been some time since the last update, hasn't it? Because of academics and other issues, work on both The Sprite Project and Winter's Light was halted temporarily. Almost two years after starting work on Winter's Light, however, things are looking a bit rosier! In fact, after a nine-month hiatus from game development, I'm finally back, and Winter's Light is back in active development.

Experimenting on water

What Happened

As you might recall from last year, I was mainly working on a level editor so as to facilitate the later workflow, including the physics engine. During the time that I spent away from Winter's Light, it dawned on me that the time spent working on the level editor was disproportionate compared to the time spent on the actual game. In an effort to curb this problem, I decided to drop the level editor in favor of a simpler, yet more accurate system that will be explained later on in another blog post.

One of the clearest absences when it comes to Winter's Light is the lack of new concept art. Once again, this was due to other commitments. However, I felt that the above picture captures the essence of what I want to deliver with Winter's Light (minus the water system, which I intend to work on later on using GLSL) - a calm, atmospheric feeling with a rugged touch. Thus, while the graphical direction can still change, I decided to focus on making Winter's Light a reality, rather than get lost on small details early on.

What Next

Basic to Winter's Light is the physics engine. In order to optimize calculations for Winter's Light, the physics engine will be tailor-made for the atmospheric game. I have started working on components of the physics engine (more precisely, the quadtree system), as can be seen on Twitter.

Accompanying the quadtree are two other vital modules to the physics engine's testing phase - a console which will be populated with details about the workflow, and an input console that will facilitate debugging and observing the effects of changes in real-time. This will include, for example, varying the gravity, friction, and other components of the physics engine so that testing and fine-tuning could be done in easier fashion.

As for The Sprite Project, I have decided to put the next iteration of the open-source engine put on hold until I make visible progress on Winter's Light. Notwithstanding this, with The Sprite Project being a vital part of Winter's Light's graphical side, the project will be resumed in due time.

Winter's Light & Nyphoon Games

As development on Winter's Light resumes, you will likely notice less dev-diary-style blog posts on this website. The reason why I will be cutting down on blog posts is so that I can focus on the development side of Winter's Light. Nonetheless, I will still be describing the workflow and posting dev diaries, even if less regularly than last year. In the meantime, you can stay posted about the happenings and progress of Winter's Light on Twitter and on Facebook. Until next time!

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