The Ark: Relaunch – Customization

Feature Announcements: Ambient Graphics | Opponents & AI | Customization

We define replayability as the value which pushes players to return to the game, to play it once more. In an arcade-style space-shooter, this factor is crucial, because without it the game would only be playable a few times. For this reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find ways the replay value can be increased.

Apart from the different game modes we’re planning, including a Story Mode, we’re also planning on making the gameplay experience even more rich. And what would be more pleasant than giving you the ability to customize your own space ship? And we won’t stop at simple edits, such as colors and logos on the spaceship… we intend to go a step further.

One of our goals is to give the player the possibility of choosing the weapons or other armaments before setting out for a level (in the case of Story Mode) or when free-roaming. In conjunction with what we wrote in our previous Feature Announcement, we will also integrate it into making the game more tactical. Different weapons will be more effective against certain type of enemies, while different armor types will protect your space ship against specific attacks.

But that’s not all. We’re also planning to give the player the possibility of playing in a 3D space. This means that, unlike the prototype, players won’t be limited to moving along the x-axis or the y-axis, but will also have the possibility of rotating around, going backwards etc…

And that concludes the third Feature Announcement. You can read the previous two in the links at the top. Until the next one, we’ll continue updating you about our progress with Procedural Generation… so stay tuned!

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