The Ark: Relaunch – Destructibility

Feature Announcements: Ambient Graphics | Opponents & AI | Customization | Destructibility

It’s March, and that means we’re closer than ever to the 21st of March – the day when we will be announcing The Ark: Relaunch to the world, the day when we will be celebrating five years of game development. We’re also making good progress on Procedural Generation. As previously explained, we are currently working on a prototype before moving on to a truly random star-creation engine.

But onto today’s feature – destructibility. Remember that dreaded ‘Game Over’ screen? How will the game end for the player? As part of our innovative approach to this space shooter, we want to use all of the resources available. One of the things we’re planning to introduce is the concept of destructibility of the player’s space ship. In reality this means that if the player concedes a lot of damage on one wing, this will be destroyed and have negative repercussions.

The negative consequences will vary – from mobility difficulties if the damage is on the wings, to shooting problems if your weapons are damaged. This links with what we explained in our last Feature Announcement - different armor would cater for different types of players and for different types of adventures.

But that’s not all. Also linking with a previous Feature Announcement, we will also integrate this with the Artificial Intelligence we’ll give your opponents. When in a precarious position, opponents will look to target the weak points of your spaceship to try and handicap you. In conclusion, you’ll have to use your brain more than ever if you want to avoid that ‘Game Over’ flashing on your screen!

And that’s the last Feature Announcement! You can read the rest of the features’ details in the links at the top of the article. We will be updating you about our progress in our Procedural Generation engine, along with current results, in the next few days… so make sure you visit us!

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