Topic Detection and Tracking: a brief introduction

Topic Detection and Tracking is not an old research area. It was ‘only’ established in the late 90’s and it didn’t really pick up until a few years later. However, a lot has happened since then and today’s research is almost unrecognizable from back then. In this post, I take a brief look at what…

Feature-pivot methods: did something happen?

In my previous post, I took a look at document-pivot methods in Topic Detection and Tracking. Document-pivot approaches use clustering to find out what people are talking about, but that’s not the only solution. In this post, I take a look at feature-pivot methods, the second type of Topic Detection and Tracking methods. Instead of…

Document-pivot methods: what’s happening?

Topic Detection and Tracking has been around for more than 20 years, but during this time, there has been a lot of research. When researchers started creating systems, they went off in a few different directions. Earlier, I took a a brief look at Topic Detection and Tracking. In this post I take a look…

If machines could watch football

One out of every two people watched part of the FIFA World Cup last year. Yet in spite of the sport’s popularity, there is no robot that could sit next to you on a weekend afternoon, sip on a cold beer, and contemplate your team’s woes and successes.

About events

Events have been a big part of my life since 2016. But no, not those kind of events.