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An Automatic Participant Detection Framework for Event Tracking on Twitter: Part 1

On one of my last trips before COVID, I went to Málaga. While there, I bought a ticket to watch a football match between the city’s team and RCD Mallorca. As I arrived at the recently-renovated La Rosaleda Stadium, I found my seat and took in the sight of 30,000 blindingly-blue seats with seagulls circling above. Then, I opened LiveScore.com on my phone to figure out who was playing. I was behaving like a machine.


About events

Events have been a big part of my life since 2016. But no, not those kind of events.

My name is Nicholas Mamo and I’m not a party animal nor particularly outgoing—I’m a doctoral student at the University of Malta. 2016 is the year when I started working on my undergraduate dissertation and the subject was events.