Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Nicholas Mamo, and I am a doctoral student in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta.

I started this blog because research is rarely accessible. On this blog, I want to share my research and work in a way that anyone can understand it.

My research area is Artificial Intelligence and, more specifically, Topic Detection and Tracking. In other words, I create algorithms that create event timelines.

I have been studying about Artificial Intelligence since 2014. When it was time for my undergraduate dissertation, I picked Topic Detection and Tracking as the subject. I did the same In 2018 for my postgraduate degree, and today it’s the focus of my doctoral degree. This blog is where I write about my research in this area and other projects. You can read more about why I started this blog in this post.

Have a question? Get in touch on nicholasmamo@gmail.com!